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Y-Strainers fit into tight spaces and allow for easy cleaning
Small Footprint, Increased Efficiency

Do you need a strainer that can fit into a tight area? If yes, a Y-strainer may be the right strainer for your process.

The Meatier Y-Strainers are designed to fit into tight piping configurations where room is scarce. The design also provides easy access to the element for quick inspection and cleaning.

Our Y-Strainers are engineered with a close-tolerance fitment (0.010”) at the base of the element that eliminates the need for an O-ring. Fewer parts mean faster cleaning and increased productivity.

Meatier Y-Strainers are 3-A approved when used with the perforated insert.

Not sure which strainer or insert is right for your process? Call our knowledgeable sales associates–we are here to help you achieve a complete clean.


Increased productivity
Designed for easy cleaning

Close-tolerance fitment eliminates O-ring

Ideal for tight spaces
Small footprint fits into space-constrained areas

316L stainless steel construction
Five fitting sizes
Standard tri-clamp connections
EPDM tri-clamp gaskets are standard
Close-tolerance fitment (0.010")
Perforated and wedgewire strainer inserts are interchangeable
Sanitary finish (32Ra), except wedgewire
All welds are color cleaned
Five standard fitting sizes

Wire mesh overlays
Dual sight glass
Additional finishes and elastomers

Technical Information

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