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        Exploration                                                 Our engineers are in constant consultation with various industry leading 

tank manufacturing companies, to find suitable and hygienic methods to 

deal with problems that face the storage tank industry. We examine the 

degree of demand for a product and acquire other knowledge by using 

the questionnaire on our website. We encourage you to download the 

questionnaire at our website, fill it out and send it back to us. This helps 

us to build a stronger relationship with our customers and also directs us

 to do further explore, research and develop according to your needs.

         Discovery                                            Every year, 20% of our budget is dedicated to exploration as well as 

research and development. The targets of our team of explorers are 

always according to your needs. Each year, we develop about 10 new 

lines of products. If you have a need for 100 sets or more of a particular 

product, our team will tailor a customized and suitable one for you at no 

tooling or mold cost. Customized models are marked to your name.

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