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P&E Technology Organizes Team Building Activities
2021/4/26 13:52:58

In order to further enrich employees' spare time, strengthen team building, and enhance their cohesion and centripetal force, the company organized a team building activity on April 25. Employees from the business department, design department, quality inspection department, and personnel department participated in the activity. 

During the one-day event, the company organized employees to come to Lingshang Renjia in Lingshang Village, Hesheng Township, Yongjia County. It is reported that this place still retains more than 400 years of ancient village history. Everyone enjoyed the special local food, "Roasted Whole Lamb".

Then, everyone came to the stream and took a boat ride on the river. The employees were full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm during the day's activities, and they added a solid background to their youth with unity and struggle.

Work, life and company team building are all activities that can sum up experience and help growth. This event has narrowed the distance between colleagues, combined individuals into a closer whole, and built a better team. In the future, we will welcome the next work with a better look. 

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