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How to package stainless steel pipes for container shipping
2021/4/16 15:50:11

 In recent years, container transportation has been favored by cargo owners as a highly efficient and cost-effective means of transportation. There are two packaging methods for shipping stainless steel pipes in containers at P&E Flow Technology .

 One is the wooden box packaging. For exported stainless steel pipes, some customers require that they must be packed in wooden boxes. Wooden box packaging is generally ordered according to the diameter of the pipe and the length of the cut-to-length, and the fumigation treatment is done according to the corresponding requirements.

 The other method is to wrap the entire stainless steel tube in a woven bag by tying it with a woven bag, and then seal both sides with scotch tape.

 During the export and transportation of foreign trade, make sure that the product is not bumped or damp, and the packaging volume should be reduced as much as possible. The picture shows the wooden box packaging and woven bag packaging of a certain batch of export of our company. 

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