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P&E Technology Sports Competition Ended Successfully
2020/11/18 10:03:05

On the afternoon of November 12th, the sports competition organized by the Human Resources Department officially started. All members of the company's business department, finance department, and design department participated in the competition. We were gathering in the basketball court downstairs of the office.

The competition is divided into three parts, basketball competitions, table tennis competitions and rope skipping competitions. All the employees actively join into competition. Everyone communicated with each other and played fair, which not only exercised the body, but also strengthened the communication of departments. In the end, Xiang Da got the first in the basketball competition, in the table tennis competition was Huang Haohui , and Zhu Junjing was champion in the skipping competition. The company also prepared bonuses for the top three. Finally, the employees gathered together and had a last meeting, and the manager made a summary of the games.

The sports competition is not only a review of the physical fitness and exercise level of the employees, but also a review of physical and mental in future work.

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